Packaging is the most important factor in securing cargo properly and perfectly to receive the cargo in ship shape at the destination or at the shelf of the customer.

Lucky Marine packing division takes care of packing of all types of cargo to ensure that the Cargo should be packed in such a way that it should not only be protected from damage due to mishandling but also it should look compact at the same time. If the cargo packing stands to be odd & improper size not only will attract more space but also the ends up in damage and attracts extra space when stowing for shipment.Lucky Marine specilaizes in Poject Cargo Lashing and Choking and Palletizing.

Lucy Marine has designed and developed customized packaging solutions specifically for the requirements of various industries to prevent from transit damages like breakages, scratches, dents, abrasions and corrosion.

Besides designing the packaging, it also oversees the actual packaging operations at the customer’s site, sourcing and incorporating required packing materials in the process wherever necessary. Whether a client is a large-scale manufacturer with heavy packing / regular packing needs, or a small exporter with the occasional requirement, SBWL can offer complete end-to-end solutions ranging from recommendation and selection of the right material, customized design and fabrication, packing and even dispatch.

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